This page works fully only for Premier League fans. Other leagues will be added in the future.

Why I can only select Premier League teams, as my favourite?

Go to the first sentence on this page. If you're not Premier League fan and still want to use this page - choose anything and then add tag of your favourite team. To be honest if you're not a Premier League fan, you have to be patient. Other Leagues are coming...

Why there is no news for this tag (e.g. Real Madrid) ?

Go to the first sentence on this page. If it's not a bug and you can't see news for specific tag, it may be a functionality that will be added in the future. If it's bug please let me know.

What are "Add to favourites" and "Add to 'not interested'" buttons?

If you're logged in, in news page you can see news, chosen for you. You can decide what is interesting for you and what is not. If you want to see news about Paul Pogba? If yes, click on the first button. And maybe you don't like certain newspaper - than click on the second button.

Please note that clicking on "Add to 'not interested'" won't delete any news from your page. It'll move it further, so you can firstly see interesting things.

What "Add Google Calendar" button does?

You can connect your profile with Google Calendar. Thanks to that, we can place information about football matches in your Google Calendar. I promise you, that in your calendar you will see only events, you want to see.