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To provide all sports related news, that you need.


Probably this should be called "About Me", but I'm leaving it for the future. My names is A., I'm not web developer. I'm just huge football fan, who one day decided that he would create sports news page.

Do you know that feeling, when your team wins important game and to celebrate this victory, you read everything you can? No? Maybe it's just me. Because of that feeling I decided to learn how to develop web pages and created website, which addresses my needs.

This website isn't everything I want it to be, but it's much closer now then few months ago when I came up with this idea. If you like what I'm doing please follow us/me on social media, so I can keep with making this website better.

Please note, that for now this website works fully only for Premier League fans. In the future, I'll add other leagues. Please be patient.